The Gorgez View

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"The train is a small world moving through a larger world" 

~E. Cooper


Please be advised that the Hamba Wehelie Express will be closed as we are renewing the lease contract and upgrading the locomotive

Paddock's heritage is as old as the rail that cuts and weaves through it. From humble beginnings the 2 ft narrow gauge which opened in 1917 as Alfred County Rail brought many business prospects for all the small towns. 

Most family's grew up knowing of the Banana Express which used to trek from Port Shepstone Station all the way up to Harding Station a scenic 122 km of open country and amazing views. unfortunately the Banana Express ceased operations in 2005 having their last ride up to Izotsha. 

In 2014 The Gorgez View opened up an 8 km stretch of the line in the Paddock area taking guests on a scenic 1 hour trip through the Plains and up to Paddock Station. 

The Hamba Wehelie Express is a diesel locomotive with an open carriage giving guests a panoramic view of the ride. Guests are able to take a gander at riding our little loco, or just have a picture up in the engine.

Ideal for small kiddies you will get to catch a glimpse of a farm town area that has been snapshot from the history books and preserved as best as possible with the ever changing technological age. 

Ticket Prices

Kids 0-3

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Kids 4-12

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Adults (13 and up)

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Ride time tables can be emailed to you. Should you require a copy, please contact our Reception