The Gorgez View

                                                Your country oasis

"The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness" 

~J. Muir

The only way to truly enjoy your country escape is to venture past the comfort of your room and see the sights. With the majestic Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve a mere 3 km from our entrance it's a good place to start. You and your family can enjoy the sightings of over 200 bird species and flora which much is indigenous to the area. 

If viewing the Paddock area is part of your holiday to-do list the make a booking with our Reception to jump aboard The Hamba Wehelie Express .

The Oribi and Paddock area is famous for boasting unmatched views of the Baboons Spruit which is a tertiary river leading into the Oribi Gorge canyon. 

For bird watchers to catch a glimpse of the Cape Vultures, the best seats are at Oribi Vulture Viewing Hide. Sit in the comfort of the hide and watch the vultures elegantly devour carcasses donated to the nest.